Thursday, January 6, 2011

Creativity and innovation - Part IV

Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah for giving me another chance to breathe for another new day.

Day 4 – 4 January 2011

Today session was like a kindergarten session. Why I said so? It is because we did drawing by using the crayon like what 5 – 6 years old kid did. Apparently, all of us were really enjoy the drawing time. It like we went back to our childhood hour, so cute at that time. Well the drawing session was not for fun. It was meant for expressing our feeling. Before we drew, we need to think of our problem and without thinking of anything, we simply let our finger to draw for us and it called doodling. We let our subconscious mind to draw anything.

After about 15 minute drawing time, all the drawing was pasted on the wall for display and observation. Mr. Barjoyai as well as the student chose a few of drawing and the owner of the drawing need to share about their problem or what their taught during drew the painting. From the drawing, Mr. Barjoyai and his assistant, Miss Mariam did the personality evaluation of the person based on the drawing. The problem solution also can be found from the drawing.

Today session was much more discussion and opinion sharing about the problem and how to solve it. By using drawing through our subconscious mind, we can express our problem and also can find the solution. From the drawing also, I knew who had talent in drawing and obviously I am not the one..

It's drawing time!!

Here is the result!!

Some of the drawings

More and more drawings...

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