Thursday, January 6, 2011

Creativity and innovation - Part IV

Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah for giving me another chance to breathe for another new day.

Day 4 – 4 January 2011

Today session was like a kindergarten session. Why I said so? It is because we did drawing by using the crayon like what 5 – 6 years old kid did. Apparently, all of us were really enjoy the drawing time. It like we went back to our childhood hour, so cute at that time. Well the drawing session was not for fun. It was meant for expressing our feeling. Before we drew, we need to think of our problem and without thinking of anything, we simply let our finger to draw for us and it called doodling. We let our subconscious mind to draw anything.

After about 15 minute drawing time, all the drawing was pasted on the wall for display and observation. Mr. Barjoyai as well as the student chose a few of drawing and the owner of the drawing need to share about their problem or what their taught during drew the painting. From the drawing, Mr. Barjoyai and his assistant, Miss Mariam did the personality evaluation of the person based on the drawing. The problem solution also can be found from the drawing.

Today session was much more discussion and opinion sharing about the problem and how to solve it. By using drawing through our subconscious mind, we can express our problem and also can find the solution. From the drawing also, I knew who had talent in drawing and obviously I am not the one..

It's drawing time!!

Here is the result!!

Some of the drawings

More and more drawings...

Creativity and innovation - Part III

Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah for giving me another chance to breathe for another new day.

Day 3 – 3 January 2011

It was another day with Mr. Barjoyai. The best thing about today session was that we do some cooking activity. Mr. Barjoyai brought his bread factory (breadmaker) and nasi beriyani cooker that he bought from oversea. The special about those two products was that product easy to use and give us an opportunity to make nasi beriyani and bread on our own at home. The rice cooker was made from a plastic container, to cook the nasi beriyani, we simply put the entire ingredient: rice, chicken, mix vegetable, butter and the beriyani paste. Then put it in the microwave and after 10 – 20 minutes, it was done. For the bread factory, all kind of bread can be made including the pasta. We did the cooking activity together with the class session. The result was taste good.  

Microwave rice cooker

Bread factory

For the group activity, we need to combine our subject which is our product, the phyto-mix yogurt with any random word or object that we randomly chosen from dictionary. The random word or object that we got was coal tar. Coal tar is a tar that obtained from distilled coal for making dye and drug. So, what we going to do with those yogurt and coal tar? We decided to combine the yogurt and the coal tar to produce hair dye and shampoo since the coal tar is a black liquid, it can cover the grizzle and nutrient supply from the yogurt can thicken the hair. We also came out with the idea to make skin ointment as the yogurt will moisturize the skin. Since coal tar used to makes drug and our yogurt product is an anti diabetic yogurt, we came up with idea to produce an anti diabetic drug with yogurt flavor. So yummy!

After came up with the new combination idea, we discussed the value factor analysis (aesthetic, ergonomics and technical factors) of the new product. Then we did the blue ocean canvas strategy whereby we compare our new product with our competitors which were the Nestle yogurt and Pharmaniaga anti diabetic drug. We drew the graph that showed the comparison of our yogurt product with the competitor in term of the price, knowledge etc.

As the conclusion for today’s session, there were many new inventions and innovation product out there that I am not aware of just like the rice cooker, I never taught of I can cook rice by using the microwave. It is all about exploration. We need to explore by ourselves to discover all the new things.



coal tar


Creativity and innovation - Part II

Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah for giving me another chance to breathe for another new day.
Day 2 – 30 December 2010

Today session, I learnt about the brain function, both left and right brain. Left side of the brain handles logical thinking while the right side of the brain deals with creative thinking. People mostly use their left brain (98%) compared to the right brain. There was a balanced thinking approach so called the seven hats thinking whereby seven different color of hats with different approach. The seven hats thinking include:

·         White hat – has to do with data and information
·         Red hat – has to do with feelings, intuition, hunches and emotions
·         Black hat – caution hat, negative aspect
·         Yellow hat – positive thinking
·         Green hat – creative thinking and new ideas
·         Blue hat – control, suggest the next step in the thinking
·         Grey hat – religious hat

In group, we chose one issue and discussed it based on the seven hats thinking approach. My group issue is about the bringing back Malaysian professionals residing abroad. By using the approach, it made us to think from every aspect which later will lead to a better conclusion and decision.

For the innovation part, again in group, we discussed an idea to innovate any object that already in the market. We need to list down all the main component of the selected object and remove one of it to produce a new object. My group selected a camera and we remove the lenses to make the camera lighter, smaller and convenience. We replace the lenses with the virtual lenses.

Today session need a lot of creative thinking where I need to squeeze my head to come up with new and brilliant idea. The conclusion for today sessions:

“Man is stupider than animals”
Man may be able to go much further in his thinking than animals only because his basic thinking process is less precise

Creativity and innovation - Part I

Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah for giving me another chance to breathe for another new day.

The communication module was officially ended with the finale presentation of the business proposal by all the groups. I gained a lot of new knowledge and experiences throughout the module. The module helped me a lot in improving my confidence especially when I talked in front of people. In this post, it is no longer about communication module anymore; it is about the new module – the technical module.

Day 1 – 29 December 2010

The technical module for BeST program started today. For the first 4 days, 1 had the creativity and innovation session by Mr. Barjoyai Bin Bardai. At the beginning, I learnt more on the theory of the creativity and innovation in term of the definition, the differences between creativity, invention and innovation. I also learnt all the 5Q’s which were: IQ – intelligence, EQ – emotional, CQ – creativity, SQ – spiritual and PQ – entrepreneurship. All this Qs were explained further by Mr. Barjoyai.

Mr. Barjoyai is a very successful person, he run five different businesses in five different companies. He is so interested in all the new invention which is totally weird things. He brought his backpack which was full with all the new invention that brought from all around the world. He showed us some of his things like the spectacles with mp3 and camera, the machine washing ball, flexible screwdriver, magic soap and other things that I totally have no idea what its name and function. Some of the new and weird things were successfully penetrated the market compared to certain things that believed was not user friendly. After all, it was very interesting and exciting experience where I saw for the first time all those stuffs. It made me thought of having my own collection of all the weird things same like Mr. Barjoyai. I shared my taught with him and he said it is not too late to have that and it is very good taught.        

For the group activity, each group was assigned to discuss and list down all the new idea and invention that was not yet in the market and then presented it. From the discussion, each group came up with very super duper extravaganza ideas. There were group that shared the same idea. I would not list down all the new ideas that my group had discussed because it will make my post to become longer.

As the conclusion,

Knowledge + imagination + evaluation = creativity

Innovation ≠ creativity

“Every new idea is a wrong idea, every new idea is a good idea and therefore, every new idea is a good idea”.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

It's show time

Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah for giving me another chance to breathe for another new day. 

28th December 2010 is the big day. It is my finale presentation day, the closing of the communication module. Each group presented their project proposal today. The presentation was evaluated by Mdm. Farah. Mdm. Sita, Miss Nani, Mr. Omar and the representative from Biotechcorp.
The presentation was started right after morning tea break at 11.00 AM with Futuratech group as the first group that presented their project proposal. The Futuratech was followed by Bioself and XX power. After lunch break, the presentation  continue with MCBio, Prodigy, E.Cool, Pecah Mental, Super Synergy and lastly Chimera.
My group (E.Cool) presentation was run smoothly just like we all planned. Firdaus begun our presentation followed by Zahirah, me, laila, ainun, wani, erah, ayrin and lastly yunie. My part is about our target population. For those who had read my previous blog, must know about our group project. But for those that did not, I would like to talk about it again. Well, our project proposal is about Phyto-mix yogurt. A yogurt product that is a mixture of four types of herbs and fruits. It is an anti diabetic yogurt.    
Alhamdulillah, it is all over. 
I feel Coo00oooL!!!